The Cuco and the Disobedient Child.

Por: Eddie Ferrer


There was once a naughty little girl that was very disobedient and didn't listen to her mother,  she was so naughty that every time her mother told her not to do something, she would do it any way.   Her mother was a very loving mother, she loved her daughter so much that she took her to town to buy her a brand new pair of gold colored shoes.   As they were coming from the shoe store, they passed by  the cemetery.   Her mother told the naughty little girl,  "You see that cemetery, the Cuco lives there,  you see that tomb and that bloody white glove, that bloody glove belongs to the Cuco, don't you dare touch that glove, that glove belongs to the Cuco,  if you take that glove the Cuco will  come and get you."

Since the little girl was very naughty and disobedient, she decided to take the bloody glove anyway.   She waited till her mother went to sleep and sneaked out of the house under the dark of night.  She then daringly  went to the cemetery, took the bloody glove and then she hide it under her bed, she smiled with content of how naughty she was as she went to sleep.   What a naughty disobedient girl this child is  !

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